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Arielle DeYampert

Being overweight is something I have dealt with for as long as I can remember.

If there is a juice, cream, shake, pill, really any and system out I would be willing to bet I have tried it.

Time and time again I would start on Monday, lose a couple of pounds, but all of these “quick fixes” would leave me heavier than when I started.

The photo to the left is in February of 2014, I had already given up on my New Year’s Resolution diet. That is when I decided to try something different. I decided I was going to introduce this idea of MEAL PREPPING into my life. I wrote out a list of whole foods I liked, went to the grocery store. Then I weighed and sorted all of my meals for the week. A light bulb seemed to click this week. I actually stuck to my diet and was successful. Repeat that same process of meal prepping every Sunday for two years and you have the photo all the way on the right.

With all that being said I am so happy and honored to be a part of the Food 4 Fuel Family!

My favorite part about Food 4 Fuel is that it is not only a service that is provided, but there are lessons taught. As a teacher, my goal with the Food 4 Fuel is not only to inspire, but also to educate each person. I cannot wait to see all the lifestyle transformations that occur each and every month!


Dennis DeYampert


The basis of a healthy lifestyle is being consistent with your nutrition. Over the past 2 years, this has been the most beneficial advice provided to me. Not long after I began my journey, Arielle and I were coached on how to “meal prep” for the week.

Life is busy and the best way to stay on track toward your goals is to always be prepared!

We’ve stayed on track and have accomplished so much along the way…now, we can’t wait to share our knowledge with our Food 4 Fuel family and help you on your way to a healthy new beginning!