About Us – 2019

Fast Food does NOT need to be unhealthy.

We are increasing the accessibility of HEALTHY Fast Food options for the busy people in our community.

We serve nutritionally dense, portion controlled food at fast food pricing. Just remove the lid, set it back on top, reheat and eat. For 6 years we have proudly provided over 100,000 healthy meals for the local community.
Quality vs Quantity.

We will also be using the summer months to make some menu changes, launching a brand-new website that will IMPROVE your experience with us & help us serve you to the best of our ability. Utilize our commercial label printer we purchased 2 years ago! All of this will be with serving you, our Health conscious community member on your health-conscious journey!

Monday’s will remain our primary Production day, pre-order pick-up and Grab-N-Go is still in our kitchen 4-6pm, inside Carlson Ice Arena. Deliveries to our Community Partners that have a Food 4 Fuel fridge, will remain the 5-7pm pick-up time. See List here. The new deadline for pre-order on Monday’s production is Sunday 3:59pm, (previously 4:59pm) we encourage you to order anytime from Thursday morning and after. Don’t wait until Sunday! 🙂

Thursdays will remain open 4-6pm for Grab-N-Go’s. We will discontinue offering custom orders for Thursday, outside of the variety packs. The variety packs will be available for pick up only, no deliveries on Thursday for the summer. We will use this day to try a few new dishes and offer them in variety packs and Grab-N-Go!

To become a Top #25by2025, we need to become better, so that we can help this community rise to its fullest potential!
Thanks so much for allowing us to serve you

Be Inspired.
Be Inspiring.



Our Mission

To make Rockford area or a surrounding city a top 25 healthiest place to live by 2025

Hence, #25by2025.

Be Inspired. Be Inspiring. One of our mottos that encourages us and others as we go about our daily lives.

We want to make healthy food easily accessible to anyone and everyone. We want to be there for a quick meal instead of heading for the fast food drive-through.

…. You are a rockstar!!! So far since doing your meals and teaming up with Jenn, I’m down 10lbs!

Got your letter with my order tonight and just want to say how happy I am with the food since ordering again since December. The veggie burgers are amazing! I know you said if there were problems to contact you but no problems here – you guys rock! And I’m down 15lbs to boot!! Thanks, Food4Fuel!!

I have a lot of experience with Food 4 Fuel. I have been a customer for years! The food is good and high quality. It works for those that want to shed a few pounds or if you are just too busy to cook and want to eat healthier. They are friendly and accommodating, and I appreciate the positive impact they strive to have on the greater Rockford community. Give it a try

Great place for anyone in general but very convenient for those in the healthy lifestyle and for people who are not so great at meal prep like me it’s already done for you I highly recommend them.

Jim and team catered a phenomenal event at my workplace this week. Each dish was outstanding in quality, presentation, flavor, and healthfulness. I’m thrilled this incredible and mindful catering option exists in the 815 and would highly recommend them as a compliment to any workplace offering health incentives/gym membership discounts etc. It simply matches up with a great investment in yourself and your staff. Thank you Food 4 Fuel! You knocked it out of the park!