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$100 Variety Pack


$100 Variety Pack

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Includes 12 variety meals and 4 healthy snacks

have the fridge prepared for your “impulse hunger” or planned meals. We want to help!

Approx $7.75 per meal and $1.75 per snack


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Includes 12 variety meals and 4 healthy snacks

1 review for $100 Variety Pack

  1. Michele Cowles

    Hello there!

    How are you doing today? I hope everything is all right and that you aren’t over working yourself like many other people I know are… It’s important to take a break here and there don’t you think so?

    Now here is what I am wondering, do you by any chance like to eat snacks? I know I do so if you are at least something like me and like snacks, then this is going to make up your day for sure (as it did for me). I’ve found this ad on craigslist that literally said that this company is giving away free 4 snack sample box as they really want people to try them out… anyways to the point is that I wanted to share this with you as well as I really enjoy reading your website and coming back for the updates, so keep it up and check it out if you want to:


    Now I am going back to »the shadows« by lurking around some more.

    P.s. I loved the peanut chocolate bar!

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