Breakfast Quiche (Gluten Free)


These Gluten-Free Breakfast Quiche are “to die for”…no almost literally!

Choose from Plain, Sausage, Sante Fe or Spinach…they are all sure to make your taste buds jump.

Pickup Information

Place your order before the following deadlines to have your food ready.

  • Order by Sunday at noon for Monday pickup from 4-6 pm or delivery 

Choose your quiche type and then choose a side of veggies. This is usually for you folks that will eat quiche as a solid protein source anytime during the day… or our most popular side is with a lil 2 oz “shot of berries”…berries will vary, could be blueberry, raspberry, blackberry or strawberries. It’s a nice contrast to the protein pie, your mouth will love you!

If you tried just one of these you will understand why we are soooooo nice to them, they know how to bake!!!

12 Meal option is a variety pack that is freshly made and quickly frozen.

Pre-Order Deadlines

Place your order before the following deadline to have your food ready for the appropriate pickup time.

Order by Sunday at noon for Monday pickup from 4-6 pm or choose from our delivery options.

Pickup Locations

We offer pickup at our Loves Park kitchen at

4150 N Perryville Road
Loves Park, IL

Did you know we offer delivery to Food 4 Fuel refrigerators located in and around Rockford, IL?

Find a location near you and during checkout, you can choose the location you want your order to be delivered to for easy pickup.

Residential Delivery

Looking to get your order shipped to you?

We offer residential delivery to locations within 10 miles of our Loves Park kitchen. Requires a minimum $50 order to be eligible. Some products are not eligible for delivery.

Hungry Right Now?

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Since your Food 4 Fuel meals are already portioned out and cooked, you just need to reheat to enjoy.

To reheat, we suggest removing the lid to break the seal, set it back in top and reheat in microwave for 1.5 to 2 minutes. It’s already cooked, so just reheat to your liking.