Elderberry Syrup

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Elderberry Syrup


add a 16 oz Bottle of Jack & Co Elderberry to your Order!


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• The only state and county licensed and inspected and FDA registered elderberry syrup in our area!

• All organic ingredients, fair trade, all the time. Elderberries, cloves, ginger, ceylon cinnamon, honey, lemon juice and water – pure and simple.

• Raw, local honey sourced from hives on organic farms and forest preserves

• Highly concentrated elderberry goodness. We simmer low and slow and extract every ounce of goodness into each bottle.

• Absolutely no plastic — not when cooking, straining or bottling. Plastics, especially when mixed with heat, leach chemicals and endocrine disrupters into your foods. No, thank you!

• Really cool glass bottles! Not only are they not yucky plastic, but they’re heavy duty and easy to pour from. Others use Mason jars and the lids rust, they’re messy and impossible to pour from leaving you to stick a spoon in the jar, contaminating the syrup and causing it to spoil faster.

• Extra steps – we soak our elderberries for an hour before simmering, ensuring all of the goodness reaches the syrup.

• No thickeners – hard pass on the sticky, thick syrup that has added junk to thicken.

We are proud to provide your families with the absolute best elderberry syrup!


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