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Good for individuals, athletes, body builders, fitness competitors, couples and families as well. We serve the health conscious individuals and families.

We take the WORK out of meal prep. Many people find that by ordering these pre-cooked, weighed bulk trays that the cost is worth the convenience.

NO Shopping,
NO Chopping,
NO Cooking,
NO Cleaning,
NO Wasting.

The amount of time you spend portioning out exactly what you want is reduced to about nothing, what you don’t need for meals this week throw in the freezer for next.

Simply choose your 10 pounds of protein, in (2) 5lbs increments, for variety. All Protein weight is POST cook weight, no shrinkage from cooking. Keeping in mind that when you buy 1 pound of Lean Ground Beef at the grocery store, after cooking its likely only 75-80% of its original weight.

Each 5lbs package is equivalent to 20 4oz servings OR (5) 4 serving Family Meals

Each protein is made with your health consciousness in mind. For marinating, baking or grilling we may use Very light olive oil, low sodium organic broth, Braggs Amino acids, WildTree Organic dry rubs or cooked veggies. Vegetables such as Onions, green peppers, garlic, Mrs. Dash, Sea Salt and Pepper or more.


Choose 2 of these 5lbs options for total of 10lbs protein

This is a lot of food. Keep in mind each 5lbs with the includes sides options is equivalent to (20) 4 oz protein with 1 Cup of Carbs and Veggie meals OR 5 (4) serving Family Meals.

Lean Chicken Breast 5lb $120
90% Ground Beef 5lb $130
Lean Turkey Breast 5lb $120
Wild Baked Cod 5lb $130
Wild Salmon 5lb $165
Wild Shrimp 5lb $190


40 servings of Healthy Carbs

Please choose (2) 20 serving increments
20 Roasted Sweet Potato (1 cup = serving)
20 Brown Rice (1/2 cup = serving)
20 Quinoa (1/2 cup = serving)


40 servings of greens seasoned with Mrs. Dash
Green Beans


(4) serving Family Meal Tins with Lids
These are oven and freezer safe, 1x use
10 (add $10)
Individual Serving black 7” F4F Bowls with clear lids
These are BPA Free, dishwasher and microwave safe. Reusable
40 (add $20)
80 (add $30)


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