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    May 29, 2020 - May 29, 2022
    3:00 am - 12:00 pm

For 21 Days we commit, individually and together to increase our HEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS to an all-time high.

This is 21 Days, Friends.

21 Day commitment to improving YOUR health and inspiring others in the group and on the sidelines looking in.
There may be days you will offer yourself an excuse NOT to go, or NOT to stay true to your original commitment. Mentally prepare for that and don’t buy Into it. This is supposed to be somewhat uncomfortable.

Because for many of us, we have allowed ourselves to be comfortable with feeling uncomfortable mentally and physically for too long. Now it’s time to get UNCOMFORTABLY comfortable and change what we have been doing.

There are no official weigh-ins, before or after pics, no counting calories, none of this. (Although some of us will do this on our own for a measuring point) Just a simple, common sense approach that is sustainable.

We know that if we do the above things for 21 Days the compounding effect will be REMARKABLE and we will gain confidence in ourselves to be able to continue making healthy decisions.

Let’s Sprint there. Blinders on, don’t be distracted by your own excuses, don’t be distracted by others eating habits…one day at a time, win each day for 21 Days!!!
Motion…creates Emotion.

Finally. Commitment…
Commitment is….


What does this program look like?

1. Drink More Water!

And less of anything else!!
Approx 1 oz of water for every 2 lbs of your body weight. Ie. you weigh 200 lbs = drink 100oz of water. Minimum. This is a MASSIVE KEY to successfully fueling your body!!

2. Eat Food 4 Fuel!

Fuel your bodies properly and it will thank you. Less processed, unhealthy fast food, eliminate all unnatural sugar, cookies, cake, ice cream, soda, chips, etc. be gone!
For 21 Days. Being super mindful of eliminating anything you know is not fueling your body!

3. Exercise!

a lot! Together. Tribe/community mentality. So many opportunities scheduled over 21 Days, please understand if you can get to 8 or more that is the sweet spot and the Value. Anything above that is extra! We KNOW not everyone will be able to make all, you will be added to FB Private group and there you will select up to 3 per week, by clicking “going” on the event page for each workout.

4. Show Up!

BE ENGAGED. BE PRESENT. Sometimes the group needs you, sometimes you need the group. Either way, no one wins when we don’t show up. When we cannot make the workouts, make sure to stay engaged on the page and live vicariously in our Group work out videos and posts ?
Always try to get some form of exercise in on your own time when can’t make the group.

This program will be back soon. Stay tuned!


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