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Time-Saving, Stress-Free

“My wife and I are wrapping up our second week of meals. We love it. With a newborn at home, having time-saving, stress-free meals makes a huge difference. My results are likely not typical, but I have lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks following the weekly meal plan and drinking only water. That is coming from an extremely unhealthy diet that consisted of fast food 2 to 3 times a day, often skipping breakfast and an average of 4 to 6 sodas a day. We are glad to have found Food 4 Fuel!”

-Adam J.

Had to start eating healthier because of food allergies (should have been doing this all along) and stopped by to grab some of the cash and carry meals. They were the absolute best!! The food is so delicious. Will be getting all my meals from Food 4 Fuel from now on!

– Tesha P.

They are Awesome!! they took the time to talk with me and made meal suggestions and invited me to join them at their weekly walks. And most importantly the food is Amazing!! Healthy and Delicious!! Also way less than I spend eating at restaurants every day!!

– Dionna S.

Jim and team catered a phenomenal event at my workplace this week. Each dish was outstanding in quality, presentation, flavor, and healthfulness. I’m thrilled this incredible and mindful catering option exists in the 815 and would highly recommend them as a compliment to any workplace offering health incentives/gym membership discounts etc. It simply matches up with a great investment in yourself and your staff. Thank you Food 4 Fuel! You knocked it out of the park!

– Sheryl S.

Great place for anyone in general but very convenient for those in the healthy lifestyle and for people who are not so great at meal prep like me it’s already done for you I highly recommend them.

– Melinda E.

I have a lot of experience with Food 4 Fuel. I have been a customer for years! The food is good and high quality. It works for those that want to shed a few pounds or if you are just too busy to cook and want to eat healthier. They are friendly and accommodating, and I appreciate the positive impact they strive to have on the greater Rockford community. Give it a try

– Matt H.

Got your letter with my order tonight and just want to say how happy I am with the food since ordering again since December. The veggie burgers are amazing! I know you said if there were problems to contact you but no problems here – you guys rock! And I’m down 15lbs to boot!! Thanks, Food4Fuel!!

– Jennifer

You are a rockstar!!! So far since doing your meals and teaming up with Jenn, I’m down 10lbs!

– Tori L.