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Big Move Out of Carlson Ice Arena

Hey Food 4 Fuel Family!
The big move has happened this last Saturday and the McIlroy family is OVERWHELMED and so GRATEFUL for the support. A special thank you to Thrive Cafe, where our temporary location will be, as we negotiate our facility for 2023 and beyond!

We had over 20 vehicles, 6 trailers, 2 large storage units packed, 100 people, lunch prepared for a large army. The amount of F4F and Elevate & Inspire friends and family that came out to help was incredible!

With the move, the excitement, the hope, we are not going to be able to resume business this Monday, November 7, at Thrive Cafe as we had hoped. I’m going to need to bump it back to Monday, November 14, to give us some more time to set up our temporary location.

Again, thank you so much for your understanding and grace during this exciting transition. We hope you have a safe and healthy November.

Jim Mcllroy