Getting on a roller coaster may seem like a normal experience for someone Ethan Taylor’s age. But for him, the journey to get on a roller coaster has not been easy.

“In high school I got on a roller coaster and I didn’t fit and so I had get off and it was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me.”

For most of his adult life, Ethan has battled with his weight.

“I was 368 pounds. I was coming off a back injury, I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t run and couldn’t lift things. I pretty much just sat in bed, and that forced me drop out of college. I was just in a bad place mentally and physically, I was abusing substances.”

It took him hitting rock bottom to pick himself back up. That’s where Jim McIlroy with Food 4 Fuel stepped in.

“He got real serious in January, and he wanted to sit down and really talk about how he can transform his life, and his mind and everything.”

While Jim is Ethan’s weight and diet coach, he is also his life coach.

“It makes my heart just absolutely explode with joy. I’m so proud of him all the time, and I’m with him all the time. Like every day.”

Jim is helping spread the message of Ethan’s journey, and inspiring others to do the same.

“There’s a lot of people that can benefit from seeing somebody that just says I’m willing, I’m ready and I’m able. So, we were willing to put some assistance behind Ethan, but he had to make the decision. He made the decision, we were just there to help him.”

Ethan Taylor, inspiring 815, one pound at a time

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